Croton sublyratus Kurz, J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, Pt. 2, Nat. Hist. 42(2): 243 1873. (syn: Oxydectes sublyrata (Kurz) Kuntze);
Andaman Is., Myanmar as per WCSP;



Croton sublyratus Kurz (Euphorbiaceae) from South Andaman Island : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Common deciduous trees in inland forests, up to 5 m high on clayey loam. The inflorescences arise precociously and the fruits are almost ripe when the young leaves are still unfolding. 

The distribution extends to Myanmar and Thailand.




Croton sublyratus Kurz (Euphorbiaceae) : 9 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (2)

From Andaman Islands.

pictures with great clarity and i take it that these are the salient diagnostic features in two photos? please can you tell me/us more? thank you …

Kindly go through Flora of India vol. 23 available online in BSI cloud portal and many details are there about Croton oil and other uses as well as characters, habit, habitat  and distribution.

i also found this 

its an abstract. of  article 

Micropropagation of Croton sublyratus Kurz – a tropical tree of medicinal importance

Shibata, W., Murai, F., Akiyama, T. et al. Plant Cell Reports  december 996 vol  16: pg 147.-152

Yes, in Thailand this is not C. sublyratus but C. stellatopilosus, which was so far misidentified as sublyratus. These two species are very close to each other differing only in the nature of the foliar glands. Croton sublyratus occurs in Andamans and Myanmar and it’s properties should be same as C. stellatopilosus of Thailand and Myanmar. The characteristic feature is that they are flowering precociously and the fruits are almost ripe when the young leaves are still unfolding.

Croton oil is obtained from the seeds of C. tiglium, an ancient plant of medicine. However, it is now excluded from different pharmacopoeia due to its drastic purgative nature.