SC. China to Pen. Malaysia as per WCSP;


Shrubs or trees up to 3 m high. Scattered in open sunny places of evergreen forests up to 200 m altitude.

Myanmar, China, Thailand and Malaysia.

This is male plant with spicate inflorescence. The female flowers arise at the apex of a long stalk fully concealed by a pair of foliaceous bracts.


Photographer: Dr. M. Chennakesavulu Naik

Botanical name: Macaranga andamanica Kurz

Habit: Shrubs or trees, 1-6 m high. The present images showing the male inflorescences.

Habitat: Fairly common in the edges of inland forests on hillocks, often along streams, on rocky or clayey loam, up to 200 m altitude.

Distribution: India (Andaman Islands), Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China and Malaysia.