Lagotis kunawurensis Rupr., Sert. Tianschan. 64 1869. (syn: Gymnandra kunawurensis Royle ex Benth.; Lagotis glauca var. kunawurensis (Royle ex Benth.) Hook. fil.);
Common name: Kinnaur Lagotis
N-India (Kunawur), Pakistani Kashmir (Deosai, Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir
(Kashmir, Zanskar)
as per Catalogue of Life;


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Here with two images of Lagotis kunawurensis.  One, in flower. photographed for me in Ladakh, where amchis collect it as a substitute for
Picrorhiza – which does not grow there. The other, at the fruiting stage was photographed in East Nepal. It is not impossible that this is L.clarkei but cannot tell at fruiting stage.
I first saw this plant below Dhaulagiri ice-falls on my first visit to Nepal in 1990.
I subsequently identified a pressed specimen of it collected in Ladakh.
Dickore & Klimes (2005) do not list this for Ladakh.
Stewart records it from the border between Zanskar & Kashmir @ 3600-4900, saying the flowers are white, scented.
Flowers of the Himalaya describe its flowers as white, pale mauve or blue on open slopes and damp places, common @ 3900-5600m (making it very much a ‘high-alpine’) from Pakistan to SE Tibet.  There is a photo in this guide.
Enumeration of Flowering Plants of Nepal (and the Annotated Checklist) have L.nepalensis – the type is from 5700m in West Nepal.
Flora of Bhutan lists 5 Lagotis (the genus was included in Selaginaceae in FBI but accepted within Scrophulariaceae in this work – now Plantaginaceae):
L.pharica (from Bhutan & Chumbi on loose scree at high altitude – the eastern counterpart of L.globosa).
L.chumbica (from Chumbi only in river beds at high altitude)
L.clarkei (Bhutan, Chumbi and easternmost Nepal)
L.crassifolia (Bhutan, Sikkim & Chumbi at high altitude)
L.kunawurensis var. sikkimensis – very variable.
I don’t think there is much chance of getting images of most of the Lagotis from this region unless we have a member undertaking high-altitude treks there in the coming years.
I shall be positing images and information about Lagotis globosa (also new for eFI) and L.cashmeriana – which has postings.



Fwd: Lagotis kunawurensis Part II : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)

Further to my recent posting, I have come across a second, better image of this plant in flower, taken as a slide in the early 1990s I think, scanned in.  Add to previous posting.


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