Potentilla lineata ?;



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Location: Kalinchowk, Dolakha, Nepal
Altitude: 110000 ft.
Date: 25 July 2014

Ranunculus ?

Not Ranunculus …, any Potentilla….!!

Yes, Potentilla. Need ID

Not Ranunculus. Appears to be a Potentilla – rather a lot of these.
Of the likely candidates, P.lineata (syn. P.fulgens) seems closest but I am not sure as COULD be P.polyphylla.
The photos are really insufficient to be certain. Please photograph the foliage next time – close-ups and overall shots INCLUDING the undersides are really important.
One cannot see if the leaves are interruptedly pinnate, with large and small leaflets (which I THINK is the case) or regularly pinnate, without small leaflet IF this is the case, then the specimen will NOT be P.lineata.
For the specimen to be P.lineata it needs to be appressed silvery whitish sericeous beneath.
IF leaflets are green beneath, pubescent but not silvery-white sericeous then it is likely to be Potentilla polyphylla.

It does not march what I understand to be P.anserina.

I guess picture quality is not good and insufficient for ID. Better next time.


Please help in the ID of this Potentilla species photographed from Tungnath, Uttarakhand

Argentina lineata (Trevir.) Soják ?? Syn : Potentilla lineata Trevir. ??

Maybe. I am uncertain as per images at Potentilla lineata

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