Blepharispermum petiolare DC., 12 1834. ;

Shrubs, to 1 m high. Leaves 8-10 x 5 cm, alternate, ovate, acuminate, entire, glabrous; petioles 1 cm long. Heads 3-6-flowered, densely packed in globose clusters of 15 mm across, panicled, terminal, long-peduncled; bracts 1-seriate, 5 x 1 mm, white, oblong, obtuse, glabrous. Flowers two types. Female flowers 2, outer; corolla tubular, 3 mm long, white, 3-lobed. Bisexual flowers 2 or 3, inner, sterile; corolla tubular, 4 mm long, 3-4-lobed, yellow. Achenes obovate, biconvex, black, ciliate; pappus of few hairs.

Flowering and fruiting: December-April
Degraded moist deciduous forests
South India and Sri Lanka

(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal)



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Pl help me to identify the climber with alternate phyllotaxy and Head like inflorescence.
Recorded at KMTR, South western ghats, Tamilnadu

Blepharispermum petiolare.

Nice pictures!


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