Rhododendron nivale Hook. f., Rhododendron Sikkim Himalaya 3: , pl. 26(B) 1851. (syn: Azalea nivalis (Hook. fil.) Kuntze; Rhododendron paludosum Hutchinson & F. K. Ward);
Common name: Dwarf Snow Rhododendron
China (S-Qinghai), Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Chumbi as per Catalogue of Life;

Compact dwarf shrub 10-30cm; shoots scaly otherwise glabrous. Leaves ovate or broadly ellipyic, 4-7×2-5mm, rounded at apex and base, scaly on both surfaces with a mixture of yellow and dark brown scales; petioles 0.5-1mm. Flowers mostly solitary; pedicels 0.5-12mm. calyx short, lobes ovate, 2-3mm, scaly. Corolla broadly funnel-shaped,0.9-1.3cm, purple to lilac or pink, +/-glabrous outside. Stamens 10, shortly exerted; filaments hairy towards base. Ovary scaly. capsules ovoid, 3-5mm.
Open mountain slopes and streamside
Attributions- Grierson A.J.C&Long D.G. Flora of Bhutan. Volume 2 part 1. Published by RBGE 1991. from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)




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I am posting an image taken by P.Curzon during the Joint British-Nepalese Army Expedition to Mt.Kirat Chuli in Eastern Nepal in 1985.  Taken as slide then scanned in.
Flowers of the Himalaya says it is found to be gregarious on high-altitude alpine slopes in drier areas only @ 4500-5500m from West Nepal to SE Tibet.
This small spreading shrub is found growing higher into the dry zone than any other species.
Flora of Bhutan records this from open mountain slopes and streamsides @ 4000-4600m in Sikkim, Chumbi & Bhutan.
Apparently, the E.Himalayan plants belong to subspecies nivale.



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It was a nice experience visiting Natioanl Herbarium and Plant Laboratory at Godawari and study real herbarium specimens with Dr. Bhaskar Adhikari from Royal Botanical Garden Edinburg !

Nice to know this … there is always a good learning at such places..!! 

Missed images to post !
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Thanks, …  With plant image of Rhododendron nivale

You can visit herb. KATH one day.

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