Aleuritopteris albomarginata (C. B. Cl.) Ching, Hong Kong Naturalist 10(3–4): 199 1941. (syn: Aleuritopteris dalhousieae (Hook.) Ching; Cheilanthes albomarginata C. B. Cl.; Cheilanthes dalhousiae Hook.; Cheilanthes farinosa var. albomarginata (C. B. Cl.) Bedd.; Cheilanthes farinosa var. dalhousiae (Hook.) C. B. Cl.; Leptolepidium dalhousiae (Hook.) K. H. Hsing & S. K. Wu);
Indian Subcontinent to S. China and Indo-China, Taiwan to Philippines: Assam, Bangladesh, China South-Central, China Southeast, East Himalaya, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam, West Himalaya as per POWO (Hemionitis albomarginata (C.B.Clarke) Christenh.);
China (Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan), S-Tibet, Bhutan, India (Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra), Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh as per Catalogue of Life;

Aleuritopteris albomarginata ABFEB2017/02 : 2 posts by 2 authors. 6 images.

This was yesterday. The other Aleuritopteris I posted long ago, A. formosana, has dense white farna underneath but this one has just a smear. The pinna-costae also have scales underneath in A. albomarginata. Dr. Fraser-Jenkins has confirmed the ID.
Aleuritopteris albomarginata
Above Mcleodganj, HP
1800m 31 January 2017

Superb images again.

Aleuritopteris albomarginata (Clarke) Ching : 3 posts by 1 author. 3 images- 6 to 7 mb each.

Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  October 2020 
Elevation: 2600m.
Habitat  : Wild




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