Tree For ID : Bangalore : 26JAN17 : AK-7 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Tree seen near a park in the first week of Jan.
Kindly help in id.

Can you post some more images with close ups?

Let me check for more images.

I think this is the same tree I have posted probably in another post identified as Melia composita, Syn Melia dubia from Bangalore.

Yes, It’s the same tree in this post.
Tree For ID : Bangalore : 02DEC16 : AK-4

Flowers look different from images at Melia dubia (Tree For ID : Bangalore : 02DEC16 : AK-4)

I know this tree, but unable to get the name out of my brain.

Something with a name like cythraxylon, but not getting the actual name.



No, I don’t think it is this one.

I am not sure of any ID.

If you are thinking of Citharexylum spinosum, I am not sure.

Lamiaceae. Flowers have some resemblance to Buddleja. But foliage do not support the ID.