Here with an image scanned in from a slide taken during a botanical tour I led in the Miyah Nullah, Lahaul, H.P. more than 30 years ago.  I am on the far left of the photo.  I was ably assisted by Capt. Padam Singh for West Himalayan Holidays (which are no more).
An umbrella is a sensible thing to use for shade from the intense sun at such elevations.
Lahaul is an excellent place for a tour weather-wise in July, when flowers are at their peak – whereas Manali can be blessed with monsoon rains at this time-of-year.

Relaxing for a while! In alpine valleys time for rest is limited as there are numerous plants to collect and photograph while physical activity is limited by rarefied air.
I was just an early teenager at that time when this photograph was take. … have appreciably retained his interest in Himalayan flora for such a long time.