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Again a Fabaceae member at Munnar Dec2009.
For Id

Adding another picture probably of the same plant emerging through another bush.  Attachments (1)

Again a Fabaceae member at Munnar Dec2009

this is probably some species of Desmodium sp ……i forgot the species .. sorry for it …..i am also waiting to renew the knowledge.

Does a Desmodium have serrate margin?!

two plants mixed up here; the serrate leaved one is vegetative (Ageratum???); and the flowers belong to the trifoliolate leaves, perhaps Desmodium only, as told by …

I hope this plant is Desmodium multiflorum DC. in Ann.Sci.Nat.Par.ser. 1.4:101. Jan. 1825. Ohashi in Univ. Tokyo Bull.2:272.1971; Ohashi l.c. 110.1973.

Does not match with images of Desmodium multiflorum DC. (as told by …)

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