Dactylorhiza hatagirea ?;


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An orchid herbarium specimen gathered for the National Institute of Traditional Medicine, Thimphu, Bhutan.
No. 3.  16/7/90 from Tshholukla, Naro, Thimphu District @ 4100-4570m.
This had been identified as Dactylorhiza hatagirea – does our orchid specialist agree?
Whilst working as a consultant to The Royal Government of Bhutan on the ‘Cultivation of Medicinal Plants for Traditional Medicine Project’
more than 20 years ago, I found this species and other similar terrestrial orchids to be known as ‘dban-lag’.

A list of medicinal plants in Bhutan compiled by a previous worker had ‘dban-lag’ down as Gymnadenia crassinervis.  It was understood to increase strength in the body.

Will it be possible to take a good closeup of the inflorescence. I cant make out from this picture. If they are all in buds, then it is not possible to confirm if it is even Dactylorhiza or Gymnadenia.

This should be either Dactylorrhiza hatagirea or Gymnadenia orchidis. Cant confirm from this pic.

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