Bryocarpum himalaicum Hook.f. & Thomson, Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 9: 200 1857.;
SE-Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim
as per Catalogue of Life;

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Not a good image – scanned in from a slide taken in the early 1990s whilst I was working as a consultant to The Royal Government of Bhutan but more or less anything is better than nothing.  Even poor photos or scrappy herbarium specimens.
Hopefully it will keep members on the look out for it in promising locations (at the right time of year i.e. April to June for its flowers) so they can take better, close-up images to share with us – or prompt those with better images to submit them.
Bryocarpum himalaicum photographed at the edge of forest in Central Bhutan in April.
Flora of Bhutan record this in Bhutan and Sikkim in coniferous woodlands @ 2700-4260m.
Apart from a few localities in SE Tibet and E. Nepal, this species is confined to Bhutan and Sikkim, where it is relatively common.
This unusual member of the Primulaceae has yellow corollas, lobes elongate-oblong, bidentate.
It is separated from other members of the family, on the basis of its 7-merous flowers & narrowly cylindric capsules, dehiscing by apical cap.
Another genus of Primluaceae which is not currently on the efI data-base is OMPHALOGRAMMA, represented in the Himalaya but a single species O.elwesiana found from E.Nepal to Arunachal Pradesh @ 3600-4000m on wet, open slopes.  It is prominent on route to Barun Valley, Nepal. In Bhutan, Sikkim and Chumbi found in open marshy places @ 3350-4260m.
So why not undertake a spring-time trek to these places and bring back some wonderful images for eFI?


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