photograph from Sandev, Pithoragarh : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

I have taken photographs – a member of family Rosaceae from Sandev, Pithoragarh (DSC_0371 and DSC _0373). please help in identify.

Last two pics my opinion are close to Pyracantha crenulata

Flowering or fruiting season and location also help in ID.
Kindly mention the date or month of this photograph.
It is not Pyracantha sp. in my opinion as leaf arrangement is different. Also, thorns are missing.
Kindly post some close ups. Both the photographs in this post are similar.

Only one Pyracantha crenulata is listed but leaves look bigger size!

Is there any possibility of it being some Cotoneaster sp. ?

Does not matches with any species so far in efi site as per comparative images at Cotoneaster

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