Cotoneaster duthieanus (C.K.Schneid.) G.Klotz, 211 1964. (syn: Cotoneaster distichus var. duthieanus C. K. Schneid.; Cotoneaster nitidus var. duthieanus (C. K. Schneid.) T. T. Yu; Pyrus duthieana (C. K. Schneid.) M. F. Fay & Christenh.);
India (Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim), Nepal, S-Tibet as per Catalogue of Life;

3 images taken in H.P. by the Late Krishan Lal (which he thought
were of Cotoneaster acuminatus); no location was given.
Recorded from H.P., Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Nepal & Tibet.
C.duthieanus (C.K.Schneider) G.Klotz belongs to Series Adpressi.
TYPE specimen was collector by Duthie in 1884 in birch forest in Kumaon; the holotype is at Kew, the isotype Calcutta.


Cotoneaster acuminatus for validation : 9 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Kindly validate:
Cotoneaster acuminatus Lindl.
Hattoo, Narkanda (Shimla) H.P.
July 3, 2020

According to FLORA SIMLENSIS (Collett) and FLORA OF SIRMAUR (Kaur & Sharma), it should be Cotoneaster acuminatus. Plants are in the form of small bushy shrubs, most likely due to heavy grazing by the buffaloes of Gujjars. However, the plants posted by … have created some confusion in my mind.

I think more closer to Cotoneaster duthieanus (C.K.Schneid.) G.Klotz as per comparative images at Cotoneaster

…, it means, both the Floras mentioned by me have recorded this species wrongly. 

Cotoneaster acuminatus does not have any distribution if you see the discussion at efi site page as per Expert view.

It is not that they have recorded it wrongly.
But maybe it has been subsequently relooked. Or Sometimes one taxa is split into many species (Jeanette Fryer has done that for Cotoneaster).
They are some who lump many taxas into one species and there are others who split one taxa into many- and sometimes you find these going endlessly, over long periods.
That is how the taxonomy is.  

Yes, … Jeanette & Fryer have split some species into many new species.

I have all the H.P. Floras with me and a mentioned about Cotoneaster acuminatus and not about C. duthieanus. I had asked … for the description of species along-with ID, but he refused by citing that that the material is copyrighted. In the absence of literature, I have confusion in identification of the species with small leaves.  

He has de-linked from us!

Actually, he wanted to join again. But we made it conditional that he will not be abusive/ extremely critical to Indian taxonomists etc.
After that he did not join.

He joined Flora of Sikkim Himalayas- FB page. It is nice you offered him proper terms.


Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1
 Tropicos (syn. of Cotoneaster nitidus var.
duthieanus (C.K. Schneid.) T.T. Yu
GBIF (with type specimen) (syn. of Cotoneaster adpressus Bois) Flora of China (syn. of Cotoneaster nitidus var. duthieanus (C.K. Schneid.) T.T. Yu