Cotoneaster hedegaardii J.Fryer & B.Hylmö, Cotoneasters 312, pl.27 2009 (syn: Pyrus hedegaardii (J. Fryer & B. Hylmö) M. F. Fay & Christenh.);
Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;


Cotoneaster sp. AT NOV 2016/05 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Cotoneaster sp.
Shimla (H.P)
Altitude: approx. 2200m
June 2013
Large shrub

I acknowledge receipt of three more sets of Cotoneaster images (C.bacillaris, a tall shrub at Shimla & further at Churdhar) to be sent to Jeanette.
Just goes to show how varied the genus is.

According to Jeanette Fryer this is part of the FRIGIDI Section.  It is C.hedegaardii J.Fryer & B.Hylmo sp. nov which is new to eFI.
Previously only known to the authors from Nepal, so an extension of its range. Given how poorly known Cotoneaster is in the Himalaya, I expect there will be numerous changes to distributions in the coming years. The fruits are thought to be typically crimson to maroon – though a pale yellow form is already known in Nepal.

This species will also be new to the Flora of H.P.

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