Henckelia peduncularis (B.L.Burtt) D.J.Middleton & Mich.Möller, Taxon 60: 776 (2011) (syn: Chirita peduncularis B.L.Burtt );

Submission to efloraofindia: 1 image and 1 pdf.
Here attached the submission of two new species.

Henckelia peduncularis as per efi thread.



efi thread
The current status of Henckelia peduncularis (Gesneriaceae): Taxonomy, typification, distribution and IUCN Red List assessmentApril 2024 Phytotaxa 644(1):27-34- Maity et al. 2024 (Abstract: The long lost Henckelia peduncularis (Gesneriaceae), was hitherto known from its type specimens collected from Burma, in 1926. Recently described Henckelia dasii from Arunachal Pradesh, India; revealed substantial similarities with the aforementioned Burmese element. Morphological analyses based on the type specimens of both the names revealed H. dasii is appropriate to be reduced as a heterotypic synonym of H. peduncularis. The present article also deals with the Red List assessment of H. peduncularis based on IUCN criteria and lectotype designation for the name Chirita peduncularis B.L. Burtt.)
Two new species of Henckelia (Gesneriaceae) from the Eastern Himalayan state Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaMomang Taram, Dipankar Borah, Rajeev Kumar Singh, Hui Tag- August 2021 Feddes Repertorium (Two new species of Henckelia from the Eastern Himalayan state Arunachal Pradesh, India, are described and illustrated. The first, Henckelia dasii Taram, D.Borah, R.Kr.Singh & Tag is allied to H. umbellata Kanthraj & K.N.Nair, the second, H. lallanii Taram, D.Borah, Tag & R.Kr.Singh is close to H. urticifolia (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) A.Dietr. (type species of the former Chirita sect. Chirita). The differences are given in Table 1 and 2, respectively. A key is presented for the 21 Henckelia species presently known from N and NE India)

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