I searched digitate fabaceae, not sure though if it could be from other family. However, my search result yields Lupinus latifolius.
Species : UNKNOWN
H & H : ornamental in 200 sq. ft. garden, nurtured by local youth of a rural club
Date : 20-01-13
Place : Bandipur (Hooghly)

It is likely to be a Lupinus species. Lupinus is a genus from Fabaceae; the plants from which have palmately compound leaves. The genus comprises of some 280 species found in southern and western North America.
Beautiful plant indeed.

Thank you …, yesterday i found this site on various species of Lupinus.

I searched for acute leaf (leaflets) Lupinus and found majority search results leading to L. polyphyllus. But, as … said there are about 280 species of this genus and must be some hybrids too, i think, without any leaf size or other data it might not be possible to ascertain it to the species level.

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