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Mauranthemum paludosum (Poir.) Vogt & Oberpr.
Syn: Chrysanthemum paludosum Poir.; Leucanthemum paludosum (Poir.) Pomel
Common names: Mini Margueritte, Baby Marguerite, White Buttons, Snow Daisy, 
Ornamental cultivated herb with pinnately cut green leaves 3-4 cm across radiate heads carried on long peduncle, with white ray florets and broad orange yellow disc. Often sold as Chrysanthemum ‘Snowland’
The plant grown in house of my son in Fremont, California, USA
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Mauranthemum paludosum (Poir.) Vogt & Oberpr.

syn: Chrysanthemum paludosum Poir.; Leucanthemum paludosum (Poir.) Bonnet & Barratte
Common names: Creeping daisy, Mini marguerite
Perennial herb often grown as annual ornamental with green coarse leaves and heads with white ligules and yellow disc.
Clicked from Fremont, California