Malva ludwigii (L.) Soldano, Banfi & Galasso (syn: Althaea gariepina E.Mey. ex Boiss.; Althaea laevis Moench; Althaea ludwigii L.; Althaea ludwigii var. microcaliculata Dobignard; Axolopha ludwigii (L.) Alef.; Dinacrusa ludwigii (L.) G. Krebs; Malva aegyptia subsp. iljinii Pamp.; Malva malwensis Edgew.);
Mauritania, Western Sahara, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Tajikistan, South
Africa (Cape Prov.), Namibia, Bahrain, Egypt (Desert Oases, Eastern Desert,
Great Southwestern Desert, NE-Egypt, Nile Delta, Nile Valley, NW-coastal Egypt),
Iraq (NW-Iraq, SE-Iraq: Mesopotamia, S-Iraq: Desert, W-Iraq: Desert), Iran
(W-Iran, C-Iran, S-Iran, E-Iran), Israel (E-Israel: Rift Valley, Negev Desert),
Saudi Arabia (C-Saudi Arabia, NW-Saudi Arabia: Hejaz, SW-Saudi Arabia: Asir,
WC-Saudi Arabia: Nejd Desert), Sinai peninsula (Central Sinai, Southern Sinai),
Syria (NW-Syria, W-Syrian Mountains), United Arab Emirates, Yemen (N-Inner
Yemen), Afghanistan (Farah, Samangan), India (Indian Punjab, Rajasthan,
Maharashtra), Pakistan (Sind, Baluchistan, Waziristan, Pakistani Punjab)
as per Catalogue of Life;


Malva for specific id- NS March, 2017-02 : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)

This is very interesting taxon for me, never seen before..
I am sure this is a Malva species… please provide valuable inputs to further id…
Recorded from near my village, in District Kaithal, Haryana.

I am still not able to match this specimen with any known taxon as per Flora of India (BSI) as well as efloraofindia.

Following 7 species are listed, with key: …………

Thanks, … It is a very difficult genus to identify. Many other posts are lying unidentified in efi. 

Some expert on this may help. 

This taxon has been identified as Althaea ludwigii L. and forms an addition to eFI database.

This is an interesting taxon and has been identified as Althaea ludwigii L. which is new addition to eFI, as well as to the flora of our state. It finds its mention in only a few flora published in pre-independence period, which mention its occurrence in Punjab, Sind, Balochistan etc.
Its geographical distribution in India needs further insight, and much depends upon the jurisdiction of “Punjab” mentioned by Sir JD Hooker and Col JF Duthie. 
The specimens have been submitted by me to BSI, Dehradun, and I have requested them to intimate me about any pre-existing specimens to confirm the place of previous collection. They have confirmed the identity as Althaea ludwigii L.
You can add the pics on eFI as Althaea ludwigii L.

This taxon is new to eFI and not to our state, which I have now confirmed, I was mistaken. 

It was reported by a few workers like 1. Nair and 2. Jain. Sorry to mislead.



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