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This climber with reddish flowers and densely hairy pods was observed in the arboretum near Imphal, Manipur during sep’07.
Pl. help id this. Thanks in advance.

this can be from the genus Mucuna sp.

… Check with any Atylosia…

Probably a Dunbaria

Seems species of Mucuna.

But I find flowers and pods to be different as per comparative images at Mucuna

I have been to North East region. Probably there are several mutants. This plant is very common in hilly areas, road side etc. But it has to be confirmed through seeds or flowering time etc.

Checked with Cajanus species listed for India, but could not find a match.

Check Dubaria

I checked species of Dunbaria in India as per the publication (Note on the occurrence of Dunbaria punctata(Leguminosae: Papilionoideae), a little-knownlegume from the Western Ghats, India), but could not find a match.

I think it is Apios carnea

To me appears different from images and references at Apios carnea

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