efloraofindia:”For Id 08122011MR1’’ “Fabaceae-Caesalpinioidea (Caesalpiniaceae) Week:.?any Senna sp Pune:

Dec 2011 Pune
I do not know if this herb falls under the family of this week but sheer resemblance of leaves and what I presume and understand to be glands at the base of some lower leaflets(I may be completely wrong) I make a kind request to Id this herb.
grown on its own in a pot of Pilea depressa in my garden 2 months back
had only 2 leaves for almost 2 months and suddenly in the last 10 days got some more leaves and I think buds
height 6 cms
stem hairy
leaves 2 pairs of leaflets. one lower pair showing I think a orange gland, leaves hairy
flowers green buds and 1 big yellow bud I think

Leaves 8mm breadth 1.1 cms length
buds about 1 mm

I guess Senna uniflora

But on a more rational analysis it could belong to any of the following
Chamaescrista absus: Annual herb up to 1 m tall; pod 3-6 cm long, 4-8 mm broad, elastically coiling; pedicel with bracteoles; leaflets 1-4 cm long, 1-3 cm broad; stamens usually 5, subequal
Senna bacillaris: Shrub or tree up to 8 m tall; pod 15-27 cm long, 9-15 mm broad, not coiling; pedicel without bracteoles; leaflets 5-16 cm long, 2-7 cm broad; stamens 9-10.
I would tend to go with Chamaecrista absus

Since there was a discussion and possibility of Senna uniflora with 2 pairs of leaflets, possibly following chacters should be checked.

It also has 3-5 cm long pod but obscurely 4-angled, appressed hairy, with 4-10 seeds, but bracteoles are absent and leaves are mostly 4 pairs, ranging from 3-5 pairs. 2-5 cm x 1-1.2 cm with mucro at tip, white hairy on lower side.

I rechecked the plant as suggested by you. I photographed the lower surface of the leaf. Attaching the picture of the same. Also attaching another pic which I took on 1st of dec. What I notice is that the younger leaves do show a mucro at the tip but mature leaves are devoid of it. Also there are maximum 2 pairs of leaflets ranging from (1-2). The lower surface of the leaf appears lighter than the upper surface and I think does not show hair. But I am not sure. You are the best judge.
Also max dimensions of leaves are 1.1cm length by 8mm breadth
As yet no pods are seen.

Does not match with images at Chamaecrista absus (L.) H.S.Irwin & Barneby