Corms to 5 cm thick. Petiole to 40 cm long, green to purplish with maculations. Leaflets decurrent. Peduncle elongate, to 55 cm, subtended to cataphylls of various lengths. Spathe short, to 5.5 cm, cream outside and maroon inside. Spadix elongate, 3-6 x longer than spathe (10-20 cm); pistillate portion to 3 cm; sterile portion c. 0.5 cm; staminate to 3 cm; appendix naked, 9-15 x 0.5-1 cm, variously described as yellow, coppery- purple or pink. Pistillate flowers rather scattered, style short. Sterile flowers gibbous.

Flowering and fruiting: May-August
Semi-evergreen forests
India and Sri Lanka
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal)


Araceae sp. from Central India for Identification. : 13 posts by 3 authors.
I am attaching a compiled photograph of one Araceae member found during my expedition in the forest of Gadchiroli District M.S. Central India. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture and observe the flower, and rest can be observed in photograph attached.
Kindly check and help in getting the ID of the plant.

You have to attach the images rather than giving a link as per posting guidelines. Pl. Attach your images for id. 

Attachments (1)

The left and right pictures are different. Could you upload the leaves of the right plant please.  Thank you.

I apologize for making mistake.  It should be a kind of Amorphophallus.

Sir, It seems an Amorpophallus sp to me too, but species identification is the task.
Anyhow just I was searching for few other plants and I visited FRLHT visited website and struck the same plant named with Amorphophallus sylvaticus (ROXB.) KUNTH, I request you to guide further. link attached below, Please check.

Thanks, … Pl. Also Check with comparative images in efi site.

Pl. further check up with images at

Thanks Sir for the follow up.
Those sites are helpful but still we can not be sure to confirm so,
I think we should Wait for the flower then only we can conclude about the species.

Amorphophallus margaritifer (Roxb.) Kunth ??


Amorphophallus species ? : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (1)- 3 mb.
I would like the ID for the following two plants belonging to Araceae. One appears to be an Amorphophallus species and I am not sure of the other. Provenance is Palakkad, Kerala

Yes, appears to be Amorphophallus as per comparative images herein.

Amorphophallus sylvaticus (Roxb.) Kunth


Araceae: Amorphophallus sylvaticus Kunth: 2 high res. image.
location/date (both): Peechi, Thrissur Distr., Kerala, October 2002


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