FICUS HISPIDA? request for ID … : is it FICUS HISPIDA? request for ID …

i think mature leaves do not  have serrate margin

it may be F. hispida, but i request to upload recent stage photo of the same plant leaves..

sample 1(Ficus hispida), I have taken the shot at my friends place ….. I collected a branch of the plant & planted in my garden which died and dried….. after 2 months I suddenly discovered that a new plant (sample
2)  is born 100% exactly at the same place where I planted the branch …. are they same ???

I think it is not F. hispida. F. hispida leaves are opposite

I have noticed that in the younger stage even F. hispida produces alternate leaves..

… please keep us posted on this plant after another 3 – 4 months.
Not confidence to say yes OR no to Ficus hispida … because the young plant in sample 2 – (MAY 2011 & SEP 2011) seems to be different from what are normally seen.

I am also not very confident to conclude this as F. hispida.

This is not Ficus hispida. Refer my Ficus hispida photographs

Ficus variegata

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