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Please help me identify this plant
Habit Tree
Bark with deep fissures
Leaves rough (though not much) Dark green adaxially, very light green abaxially and with a felt like coating
Flowers White with ridged calyx. flowers fall off easily
in the first photo the flower is placed on the abaxial surface of the leaf

Any ideas about the tree?

Nice image of the flower & the leave.

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I don’t recognise this flower, …!

Ideally, I’d like to see more information such as the length of the petiole, stipule, arrangement of leaf on the branchlet, bark, etc. That might help to narrow it down. But at first glance, I don’t recognise it. Probably an exotic, and the trouble with exotics is that it’s hard to know which flora to look up!

Kindly post the images of branch, full tree and flowers attached on a branch.
It will also be helpful, if you kindly mention the exact location in Chandigarh. You might be knowing …, who has authored 2 books on TREES OF CHANDIGARH. He was my Ph.D. lab-mate at PU during 1995-97, thereafter he went to serve the Oman Government. I have visited most places in Chandigarh in search of Plants.

Many Thanks for the support. i was busy with some family matters.
as for the additional information asked by Pradip Ji. i won’t be able to provide you information regarding stipules as the plant and its parts are not accessible from ground and the location of tree is such that i cant climb the tree.
the location of tree is rose garden. there are only two trees in the garden.
Rest of the information i will try to provide in 2-3 days. bark and leaf arrangement (if it is helpful) are attached.

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Thank you, … I’ll ask … about it.