Efloraofindia e-group will be completing ten years on 17.6.17.
This certainly is a great landmark in our journey in which we have enjoyed better & better views, in our never ending journey. For us our journey itself is the destination.  

I request members to come up suggestions as to how we can spread the word over social media, in print, TV etc. & else where to highlight our journey & achievements.

I think each & every one should try in his or her own ways through their contacts/ groups/ forums/ facebook/ twitter etc. where ever one is comfortable with or can manage.
We already have most of  the inf. with us. Only let us know, we will find it out from efi site links. Two things are very clear that both efi group & efi site are twins & both of them are the largest of its kind & unique.
Some details are furnished below:
2,68,500 messages so far & membership currently around 2850 nos. (lot of members have left & new ones joined during the long journey of 10 years).
12000 species (genera- I do not know- may be more than at least 80% found in India) & more than 2,50,000 unique images ( I think around 50,000 already inserted).

Also check the following link:

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