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Location: Thulo Phedi, Taplejung, Nepal
Date: 18 April 2017
Altitude: 10000 ft.
Gentiana …???

May be. 

Gentiana species with comparative images in efi so far.

If corolla is pink, plicae 2-cleft or triangular then check Gentiana rubicunda, if not then check Gentiana decemfida var. aprica.

It is far off to reach the location again. As such, not possible to see the flower color again. As per google images it looks more close to Gentiana rubicunda than the other one.
Expect your further view.

You can also check the online virtual herbarium for Gentiana rubicanda, also compare with the discription provided in flora of China.

Could the above sp be identified with incomplete images?
Could it be Gentiana aperta ?

Any opinion based on the attached image ?

Seems Polymorphic of Gentiana pedicellata

What about Gentiana venusta (G.Don) Wall. ex Griseb. or Gentiana clarkei

Definitly not sir.. Gentiana venusta is different so as G. Clarkei

I think there is no match for G. venusta but some similarity to G. clarkei,

however there seems to be no distribution for Nepal.