Efloraofindia completing 10 years on 17.6.17 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)

It is really difficult to describe the long journey of 10 years of Efloraofindia in a few paragraphs. It had all emotions of a pot boiler like joy, pain, satisfaction etc. It started with a commitment to do something for the society in as little a way as possible. As the movement grew, so did the ideas to do something more. Lot of them got concretised during this long journey. As everybody put their heads together, we did lot of things unheard of before. Ours was a unique journey with no precedents. Naturally, it carried all the thrills with it, as are associated with any first time adventure. It showed what can be achieved even without a single penny being spent or any one even meeting physically. It was a movement of thousands of people coming together from diverse backgrounds and places, just like small streams ultimately forming the sea. Result has been documentation of 12,000 species with more than 2,50,000 images due to the efforts of our 2800 members & others experts from outside.

And our commitment has not diminished, but only growing. Future is more challenging than the past was. Let us all re-dedicate ourselves on this occasion for building of the efloraofindia. 
Our sincere thanks to The Pillars, Subject Experts, Moderators, Major contributors & other members who are rendering selfless service on the group & made this endeavour possible for the benefit of everyone.
Thanks, Ritesh ji, Dinesh ji & Ashwini ji, for the wonderful posters attached.

Superb images.  Congratulations to the Team on this occasion.

KUDOS to eFI !!

Congratulations to all the members on this precious occasion! Let it march towards 25 years

Congratulations to the whole team of ‘efloraofindia’!

Selfless service to the Nation and the Nature.