Eucharis amazonica Linden ex Planch., J. Gén. Hort. 12: 1216 1857.;



AMAZON LILY: Sometime in 1991 I saw a beautiful white lily in one of the gardens at Pachmarhi. I did not know the name of that flower at that time. I saw the same flower at Brig S N Chaterjee’s house at Tezpur in 2002. By this time I knew the flower to be Amazon Lily (Eucharis amazonica ). Brig Chaterjee was nice to present me the plant in a pot. I carried that plant with me to Cooch Behar. It has multipled and bears beautiful sweet scented flowers. Attaching an image of this beautiful flower. You may like it. 

 According to me, it is Eucharis grandiflora

This could be Eucharis but not grandiflora. The strap shaped leaves dont match.

Eucharis amazonica as per another thread.




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Attaching a collage of flowers bloom in our garden in May.

Thanks, …,
We have only Eucharis x grandiflora so far in efi.
I further researched & found out this reliable site to differentiate the two:
Can you confirm your species as Eucharis amazonica by taking measurements as suggested by this site ?

The flower in our garden meets the specification of Eucharis amazonica as mentioned in the site.

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