On the eve of our 10th anniversary I take the opportunity to thank and congratulate Mr Garg and all seniors who have worked tirelessly to help people all over the country in inculcating an active interest in their local flora. I have been a recipient of this generosity for which I am very grateful. I hope we grow together from strength to strength!

Thanks, Ashwini ji.
We hope so with active members & superb photographers like you.

Congrats and thanks Ashwini ji, all possible due to your dedication and untiring efforts of Garg ji and other committed members. 

Congratulations to all the members who have contributed from time to time and became the strength of this efloraofindia family for helping us reach this level. Special thanks to all the active members who have kept it going. Super special thanks to the founding member Garg sir, and of course the living legends like Gurcharan sir, Dinesh sir, and many other experts who have put in lot of efforts since past 10 years.

Hope and wish this family keep growing and keeps contributing.
I am really proud to be a part of this effort and this family.

Thanks Pankaj ji, your dedication and continued efforts have brought the group this far. I am happy to note that our Facebook page has received great response. I am all the more happier that Garg ji not only took a leading role on Facebook also, posting posters on the timeline of all moderators. A leading role and technical expertise by Dinesh ji in refining the posts made a great difference. Thanks Anil ji who took the responsibility of creating the page and uploading posters, and Dinesh ji, Ritesh ji, Ashwini ji and others who created beautiful write ups and posters.

My heartiest congratulations to all the members for this 10th Anniversary. The untiring efforts of Garg Ji have made the things reach to this stage, with his systematic approach and consistency. I am very hopeful, this forum will make an incomparable progress and will continue to enlighten the nature lovers. 

My salutes to all the founders, experts and leading contributors. 
Thanks a lot..!!

Some times it surprises me to see how Garg sir is able to manage eflora while taking care of his primary profession as well as home. I am single and I live alone still I am unable to devote so much of time. But most of the posts I reply are confined to orchids, that are either forwarded by Garg sir or I just peek in to see any new orchid posts.

Yes, I also tried to add as much as I could so I sent invitation to all on my facebook who are connected to Indian flora. Some of them did join.
I forgot to convey special thanks to Ritesh and Anil sir for taking time to prepare those posters for facebook.

Thanks & congratulations to each & every member. Moving this to efloraofindia e-group so that everybody can participate.
I am also surprised at not only myself, but how much any individual can do. Take an example of Pankaj ji or Nidhan ji or Rawat ji or Dinesh ji or Singh ji or Ashwini ji or Saroj ji.
And there are so many. We sometimes under estimate the time & energy required in planning a trip, photographing them, processing them & trying to identify them & finally posting them for Id. This is herculean efforts which our members like Ashwini ji, Saroj ji, Kumar ji etc. are taking. I only tried to say thank you for their efforts.  
During this wonderful journey, I have now realised that identification is not that difficult if we have comparative images. It becomes a lot more enjoyable & sometimes quite easy. If we are able to do that, it will certainly be a creditable effort.

Congratulations to efloraofindia group for completing another mile stone of one decade. A journey which was no where slower, rather accelerated and targeting the remaining flora of India. I take these numbers- 2,50,000 images with notes, and 12,000 species as a huge success of people’s science and selfless efforts of founders, pillars, moderators, experts and members.

With BSI’s recent data of 18386 species, two-third has been achieved and one third remains. Is there any other example from any other country where people’s science contributed to national flora to this extent? I think efloraofindia is incomparable and I feel proud to be associated with it.

This long journey will win many goals in future and will set an example of power of people’s science in the world.

It is also a correct time to acknowledge that efloraindia was the inspiration behind eflorapantnagar, a student friendly flora of our university campus. Garg Ji and Dinesh Ji helped me a lot in this effort.

My good wishes to efloraofindia family for success in future and my salutations to all the contributors!

Congratulations to all contributors! Thanks Pankaj for the special mention. Due to the official assignments, I am also not able to devote much time to the group but whenever I have free time, I do scroll through the messages. Hopefully, I shall be able to contribute more in coming days.

Congratulations to all; thanks to all, kudos to all !!

It is heartening to be part of this group which benefits “every person who is related to flora”. Just as Pankaj wondered about how Garg ji manages the working of eFI, I too often wonder about his magical capacity of sorting all content from the group into the site. The amount of work is not easily imaginable – and requires untiring zeal to execute it daily. Best wishes to everyone – who are doing their best to add more and more substance to efi.

Heartiest congratulations to all the members, pillars and moderators of eFI.  Its a big milestone for eFI..

Salute to all the contributors who had made this happen..

Thanks, Prashant ji. 

We have been missing you these days. 

Congratulations Garg ji and all the members pillars and moderators!

Congratulations Garg Ji and your team on a astonishing journey! A lot of other aspects of Indian biodiversity remains unknown. I Hope others take inspiration from eflora.

Congratulation Mr. Garg, Prof. Singh and othe moderators and Pillars of Indiantreepix.

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