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Tamhini-Dongarwadi Forest Trail organized by Ecosphere

The rationale behind establishing Ecosphere is to encourage conservation efforts of the biota and encourage Sustainable Eco-tourism (SET). Through Ecosphere we are going to sensitised common people, research enthusiasts, researchers, students about unique myriad biodiversity of our country and increase conservation awareness amongst them by exploring and understanding the same. On occasion of the Forest Festival (1st-7th July) we are going to commemorate this by organising a one-day forest trail to Tamhini-Dongarwadi area on 2nd July 2017 (Sunday) which is situated right on the crestline of Northern Western Ghats in Maharashtra. The brief about the trail is enclosed herewith. This forest trail is an opportunity to understand various facets of the forest and explore the myriad life therein. With this brief background we are happy to announce Tamhini-Dongarwadi forest trail.

JOIN US…! Hurry!!! Limited seats…!

So all set for SET (Sustainable Eco-tourism)


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