Boeica filiformis C.B.Clarke, Commelyn. Cytrandr. Bengal. 118 1874. (syn: Chelone filiformis Buch.-Ham. ex C.B. Clarke; Chorizandra capillacea Griff. ex C.B. Clarke);
Common name: Thread-like Boeica
Southern Asia as per Catalogue of Life;


Gesneriaceae Herb for id from Assam..Rhynchotechum? : 8 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

This beautiful herb with cute little flowers was shot from forest floor of Assam during my recent Northeast tour.
This belongs to Gesneriaceae and as per input received on FB it can be Rhynchotechum sp.
Please share your views..

Thanks, …  Pl. also check comparative images in efi. 

The taxon represented is Rhynchotechum ellipticum, to which this does not match being a herb.

Thanks, …, for this new taxon. We are getting richer.

Flowers looks similar to images at Platystemma

Yes …, They are quite similar…see the image..!!

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The habit shots match with SPECIMEN ON THIS SHEET

And this says it can be Boeica filiformis Buch.-Ham.

A new addition to eFI..

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Boeica filiformis: 1 high res. image.
Boeica filiformis
Behali Reserve Forest, Biswanath, Assam, India