Fwd: Request for sharing photographs to be used in Threatened Taxa of Telangana State : 3 posts by 1 author.
Season’s Greetings. Hope you are fine.
While thanking you for earlier help extended to us during the COP11 in 2012 with sharing some of the wonderful photographs of plants and birds that we have used in Biodiversity of Greater Hyderabad, I write to you to inform that on behalf of the Telangana State Biodiversity Board, I along with the support of many colleagues and friends, am compiling and assessing the status of Threatened Taxa of Telangana State (both higher plants and vertebrates).
In this connection, I reach to you with a request to contribute photographs of the following species from your collection.
Needless to say your contributions will be duly acknowledged and a copy the report/book will be sent to you once it is ready for your record.


1.        Albizia thompsonii

2.        Alysicarpus mahabubnagarensis

3.        Andrographis beddomei

4.        Arthraxon depressus

5.        Arthraxon lanceolatus var. echinatus

6.        Brachystelma nallamalayanum

7.        Ceropegia bulbosa var. lushii

8.     Ceropegia pusilla

9.     Chlorophytum laxum

10.     Chlorophytum tuberosum

11.     Crotalaria triquetra

12.     Crotalaria willdenowiana

13.     Curcuma inodora

14.     Cyathocline manilaliana

15.     Dimeria orissae

16.     Eriolaena lushingtonii

17.     Habenaria panigrahiana

18.     Hybanthus vatsavayae

19.     Iseilema holei

20.     Kavalama urens

21.     Lipocarpha reddyi

22.     Pimpinella heyneana


1.        Anabas testudineus

2.        Cirrhinus fulungee

3.        Eutropiichthys goongwaree

4.        Gagata itchkeea

5.        Hemibagrus maydelli

6.        Labeo fimbriatus

7.        Rita bakalu

8.        Rita kuturnee 

9.        Silonia childreni 

10.     Thynnichthys sandkhol

11.     Tor khudree


1.        Hoplobatrachus crassus



1.        Calliophis melanurus

2.        Eutropis allapallensis

3.        Geochelone elegans

4.        Gongylophis conicus

5.        Grypotyphlops acutus

6.        Melanochelys trijuga

7.        Pangshura tentoria

8.        Psammophilus blanfordanus



1.        Anthracoceros coronatus

2.        Aythya nyroca

3.        Circus macrourus

4.        Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus

5.        Falco jugger

6.        Gyps bengalensis

7.        Gyps indicus

8.        Rynchops albicollis

9.        Sarcogyps calvus


1.        Anathana ellioti

2.        Gazella bennettii

3.        Lutrogale perspicillata

4.        Mellivora capensis

5.        Moschiola indica

6.        Petaurista philippensis

7.        Prionailurus rubiginosus

8.        Ratufa indica

9.        Tetracerus quadricornis

10.     Viverricula indica

11.     Vulpes bengalensis

Thanking you in advance, with best regards
PS: You may also send this request your other colleagues/friends who can help us with photographs in case you do not have by chance.

Thanks, …  It will be better if you can check our website and search if such images are available and than request posting members for permission. 

Thanks, …
It will be better if you can check our website and search if such images are available and than request for permission. We will try to help with the permission from the members.

Pl. check the following link for which images are available in efloraofindia:

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