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Astragalus candolleanus Royle ex Benth. ??
Sharing some pictures for ID shot at Jomsom Nepal  at  9000 ft. 21 April 2013

I think seems to match with images in threads at Astragalus rhizanthus subsp. candolleanus

May be some other species as per keys at Flora of China.

Caragana gerardiana Benth. ??

I think this appears to be different.

I have sent the excerpts from the book in another mail.

Hope it would be cleared !

Does Jamsom come under the Flora of Mustang ?

I could not get what Jamsom mean?

I mean to say whether Jamsom is covered in Flora of Mustang ?
Looks different as per GBIFSpecimen
1st and 2nd images are from different species than other images.

Yes …!

What are the Astragalus species listed in the Flora of Mustang?

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I tried with some of the species given in it as per GBIF, but failed:
May I request you to pl. post high resolution images in separate threads.

These are old album- as such, no high resolution images.

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