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Location: Pilot Baba Ashram, Bhaktapur , Nepal
Altitude:  5200 ft.
Date: 11 September 2016

Platostoma coloratum (D.Don) A.J.Paton (accepted name) ??
Geniosporum coloratum (D.Don) Kuntze (synonym)  ??

Nepali Names : वन बावरी Van Baawaree  / छाले सोइन Chhaale Soin / मोसी झार Mosi Jhaar / सेतो टाउके Seto Taauke / ठेउले Theule 

Does not matches with illustration in FOC at
Yes …, it is not the right ID.

Can it be from Ocimum or some other close genus.

From the photos it seems to be Ocimeae group, but in labiatae based on photo it is difficult to identify even genus level as dissecting of flower is required for character verification, and most of the labiates morphologically similar with bilabiate corolla!!!!

It is some Ocimum species.

Leaves shown in last 2-3 photographs are of some different plant, may be Bidens species.

Leaves of Ocimum are also visible in the background.

Thanks, …  I agree with you. That may be causing confusion in I’d. 

Yes, … Plant growing in the foreground is causing confusion. The photographs of leaves are only of the foreground plant.

Plant with Flowers is Ocimum species.

I think confusion created because of leaves may be of other plant entangled. Enclosing some images of other plant shot at the same time same location.
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From the flower characters it is of Ocimum species, I am afraid based on this photo species id could not be made.

Leaves also resemble some species of Hyptis. Also check for H.mutabilis.

Only Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit. is listed in Nepal
As such I am skeptical about the ID

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