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I photographed this plant believing it to be a cress on the Kareri trek. I started finding it above 2500m and saw it till 3200m approx. I am unable to find a match. Please help identify it.
Kareri Lake trek,
16-17 May 2017

Any Rorippa species ? 

Please wait for fruits, only fruits can rule out Brassica or establish otherwise…!!

Comparative images of Brassica species so far in efi 

Closer to Barbarea in Brassicaceae.

Thank you … for this advice. I will do some research and see if I can come closer to the species.

Thank you … for the links. I will study these and report back soon.

Only 2 sp, Barbarea vulgaris W.T.Aiton and Barbarea vulgaris W.T.Aiton have got distribution in India and I guess it is close to Barbarea vulgaris W.T.Aiton.

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