I just heard the sad news of Dr. V. Bhaskara’s passing. He was suffering from Cancer during the last few months but was still actively engaged in research. I just received a call from Dr. Prabhu informing his sad demise.
He will be always known for his taxonomic monograph on Impatiens of the Western Ghats which is a great contribution to science.
May his soul rest in peace.

May hat off to his work and dedication.
He continued to reply to our id request despite being having Leukaemia.
I was having tears in my eyes for his dedication when he continued to reply one after another.
It will be very difficult to find such a nice soul.
I prey to God for the peace of departed soul.

A big loss to Taxonomical Fraternity…

I remember receiving many messages from Dr. Bhaskar, on various occasions…although never had any direct interactions…
I pray for eternal peace to the departed noble soul

I didn’t know Dr Bhaskara personally but remember Anurag speaking very highly of him. I am sad not to have made his acquaintance. I am sure his work will live on and help countless researchers all over the world.
Thank you for giving us the news.

This is deeply saddening news. Bhaskar sir played a major role in helping me cultivate my interest in taxonomy. He willingly allowed me to join him on collection trips when I initially began learning about plants and never took more than a few hours to respond to any of my questions regarding Imaptiens. 
I will always remember how he spotted a specimen about 30 feet uphill of us in Chikamagalur and raced away before any of us could even start climbing! 
A great loss indeed. 

an irreplaceable loss for Indian Botany.

May his soul rest in peace…..

Very sad, we lost our good Taxonomist 
may his soul rest in peace

Very sad news.

May Dr Bhaskara’s soul rest in peace.

Very sad to know about the demise of  Dr V. Bhaskara
may his soul rest in peace

Very sad, we have lost a great taxonomist and expert.

Dr. V. Bhaskar will always be remembered for his monumental work on Impatiens.

Very sad. May his sol rest in peace

Its very sad to hear about Dr.Bhaskara’s demise. May his soul rest in peace.

Extremely a sad news. I don’t know how to explain our relation in words.
He was a living legend and spent his life exclusively for balsams.
Last few years I got a excellent guidance and collaboration from him on Impatiens systematics.
Myself and Hareesh visited his house on 5th Sept. and met with his son and wife.
At present he was engaged in a number of works on south Indian balsams but….
No words to explain.
On the roof he maintained a balsam green house for his studies and now they are alone.
May his soul rest in peace.

Really sad. We lost an one of the fine taxonomist, who will always remain with us with his contribution in peninsular Impatiens. May his soul rest in peace.  

I am sorry to note the demise of Dr. V Bhaskar.  I know Bhasker  from my students days. We were friends. He was my senior by 3 -4 years . .  When he was doing his Ph.D under Dr.B. A.Razi, I was an M.Sc student in the Dept. of Botany, Manasa gangothri. I was working for my taxonomy dissertation thesis on Fortwall flora of Srirangapatana under the guidance of  the same professor (Dr.B.A.Razi, the legendary taxonomist). He used to guide the students of M.Sc Botany during outing (plant collection). Later, he joined U A S, Bangalore and continued his taxonomic work. I could not continue the taxonomic work as I joined CSIR- CLRI and had to work on environmental biology (environmental biotechnology). I met him on few occasions in Bangalore after student days. He visited my house in Chennai during 2007/ 2008 and later exchanged few goodwill messages after I settled in Mysore. He was a dedicated hard worker known for perfection. Meantime, he was very disciplined. His contribution was very high. A great loss to scientific community.

Yes, … Really a great loss.

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I just learned about Dr. Bhaskar passing away…
Sad news for all Impatiens students and lovers.
I corresponded with him several times in last ten or so years.
I heard about his ilness, but hoped it could be cured.
He will be remembered as author of his monumental monograph of Impatiens of West Ghats.
Fifteen new Impatiens were described from this region after publication of this monograph.
I think it was impossible without his life long studies.

Very well said, … 

I am certainly feeling a personal loss as I always came forward in helping us with id’s as you also always do. He never forgot to reply even though being very ill. He was such a great soul and a true taxonomist. 

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