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In my school days there were some poems in our syllabus (I am talking about a period 1958-63 when I was a student of Dutt High School, Netrakona. The school was under Board of Intermediate and Secondary  Education, Dacca) where nature was described vividly (ANDHA-BADHU by Jyotindramohan Bagchi describes BAKUL, SHARAT by Gobida Das describes beauty of dew drops on cob web.) In SHARAT (Autumn) the poet compares the dew drops on cob web as if pearls have been caught in the net. In 1980 I was going through an article in National Geographic where there was an image of dew drops on cob web and the author captioned it as ” PEARLS “. My mind immediately reeled back to them poem by Gobinda Das.

Now I take images of cob webs (time permitting). Attaching a collage of dew drops on cob web and dew drops on rose.