Kleinia subrahmanianii Chandrasseril Narayanan Sunil, V V Naveen Kumar, Thyppokkath Sundaram Rajeev, M K Ratheesh Narayana, V P Prasad, Telopea Vol 20 (2017);

Kleinia subrahmanianii (Asteraceae: Senecioneae), a new species from Kerala : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1) – Kleinia subramanyamii.pdf- 1 MB.
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Kleinia subrahmanianii (Asteraceae: Senecioneae), a new species from southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India (Abstract- Kleinia subrahmanianii, a new species of Asteraceae from southern Western Ghats is described and illustrated. Kleinia subrahmanianii is allied to Kleinia grandiflora but differs in having green, terete branchlets, elliptic–oblong to linear–lanceolate non-glaucous leaves, 30–95 cm long dark–purplish scape, 7–22 drooping capitula per scape, 16–20 mm long dark–purple phyllaries, 1.3–1.7 cm long corolla tube, 2.3–3 mm long corolla lobes, 2.5–3 mm long anthers and short pappus)

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