Gentiana infelix C.B.Clarke, Fl. Brit. India 4: 111 1883. (syn: Gentiana microtophora C. Marquand; Gentiana minuta N. E. Br.; Kuepferia infelix (C.B.Clarke) Adr.Favre; Varasia infelix (C. B. Cl.) J. Sojak);

S-Tibet, SE-Tibet, ?China (?W-Yunnan), Bhutan, NE-Burma, Nepal, Sikkim as per Catalogue of Life ;

The image here seems to be the first ever photo of live specimens of this species as suggests the google search.
It is new for eFI.

This species is now transferred into a recently established genus Kuepferia, i.e., Kuepferia infelix

I have also collected this species from Hemkund Uttarakhand, this species was belonging to the section Otophora of genus Gentiana, but in 2014 section Otophora was rised as an established genus Kuepferia on the basis of molecular studies (Favre, 2014). Kuepferia inflelix was the only single Indian species in section Otophora, now as genus Kuepferia. Later D. Maity (2015, 2016) added 4 new taxa from Sikkim in the genus newly established genus.

Thank you … for these updates on this plant.

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