Back in memory- Two years back : 3 posts by 2 authors.
Pl. see what we started two years back which has changed as to how efloraofindia is perceived:
What if all the efi pages look so beautiful ?
It was just an idea than, which changed our lives.
I think it was a quantum jump for us.
And we have made a good progress too in such a short time.

It was certainly a changing point for eFI which has become beautiful visually too. It is easier for a visitor to compare his species with species available in eFI and reach to conclusion by his own.
Fortunate to be associated with such a freely available database developed by … and his team of committed volunteers.

Thanks, …
I also remember a similar incident triggered by your adding list of families available in efi manually, which lead me to trying to get it automatically & we discovered Sub page listings. This made the efi site much much better for browsing.
I think we are able to achieve all this due to great team work.