Pogostemon rugosus (Hook.f.) El Gazzar & L.Watson, Taxon 16: 187 1967. (syn: Dysophylla rugosa Hook.f.; Mentha rugosa B.Heyne ex Hook.f. [Invalid]);



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Pogostemon rugosus (Hook.f.) El Gazzar & L.Watson, Taxon 16: 187. 1967.
Ver.name: Konda jajaini (Tel.)
Family: Lamiaceae
Description: Perennial subfleshy herbs; 30-50cm tall.  Stems softly hispid. Leaves opposite; petiole 2-4mm long; lamina ovate, 2- 6 × 1-2.5 cm, base cuneate, margin crenate, apex obtuse, rugose and impressed above. Flowers light lilac, 2mm across, in clusters in dense whorls on 3-7 cm long racemes; the lower whorls with floral leaves. Bracts and bracteoles very small. Calyx tubular, 5 lobed. Corolla tube inserted, 2 lipped. Stamens 4, exerted, subequal, filaments bearded. G(2), ovary 4 partite, globose; style slender, stigma 2 lobed. Nutlets brown.
Habitat & location: Found in rock crevices in hills. Photographed at Venkatagiri.

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