Rhodiola rosea L., Sp. Pl. 1035 1753. (syn: Rhodiola arctica A. Boriss.; Rhodiola elongata (Ledeb.) Fisch. & Mey.; Rhodiola hideoi Nakai; Rhodiola iremelica A. Boriss.; Rhodiola krivochizhinii Sipl.; Rhodiola lapponica Gand.; Rhodiola maxima Nakai; Rhodiola minor Mill.; Rhodiola odora Salisb.; Rhodiola odorata Lam.; Rhodiola roanensis (Britt.) Britt.; Rhodiola rosea var. alpina A. S. Revuschkin; Rhodiola rosea subsp. arctica (Boriss.) A. & D. Löve; Rhodiola rosea var. elongata (Led.) Jacobsen; Rhodiola rosea subsp. krivochizhinii (Sipliv.) S. B. Gontcharova; Rhodiola rosea var. microphylla (Fröderstr.) S. H. Fu; Rhodiola rosea var. oblonga (Regel & Tiling) Hara; Rhodiola rosea subsp. roanensis (Br.) Jacobsen; Rhodiola rosea subsp. sachalinensis (Boriss.) S. B. Gontcharova; Rhodiola rosea var. scopolii (Kern. ex Simk.) Soo; Rhodiola rosea var. subalpina A. S. Revuschkin; Rhodiola rosea var. tachiroei (Franch. & Sav.) Hara ex Honda; Rhodiola rosea subsp. tachiroei (Franch. & Sav.) Jacobsen; Rhodiola rosea var. vulgaris (Regel & Tiling) Hara; Rhodiola sachalinensis A. Boriss.; Rhodiola scopolii A. Kern. ex Simonk.; Rhodiola sibirica Sweet; Rhodiola tachiroei (Franch. & Sav.) Nakai; Rhodiola telephioides (Maxim.) S. H. Fu; Sedum altaicum G. Don; Sedum arcticum (A. Boriss.) Ronning; Sedum caerulans Lév. & Vaniot; Sedum elongatum Ledeb.; Sedum rhodiola DC.; Sedum rhodiola subvar continentale Maxim.; Sedum rhodiola var. crispum Regel & Tiling; Sedum rhodiola var. elongatum (Ledeb.) Maxim.; Sedum rhodiola var. lingulatum Regel & Tiling; Sedum rhodiola var. linifolia Regel & Schmalh.; Sedum rhodiola var. oblongum Regel & Tiling; Sedum rhodiola var. scopolii (Kern. ex Simonk.) Rouy & Camus; Sedum rhodiola var. viride Regel & Tiling; Sedum rhodiola var. vulgare Regel & Tiling; Sedum roanense Britton; Sedum rosea (L.) Scop.; Sedum rosea subvar continentale (Maxim.) Maxim. ex Berger; Sedum rosea var. elongatum (Ledeb.) Praeger; Sedum rosea var. roanensis (Britt.) Berger; Sedum rosea var. vulgare (Regel & Tiling) Maxim. ex Praeger; Sedum roseum subsp. arcticum (Boriss.) Ju. Kozhevn.; Sedum roseum var. microphyllum Fröderstr.; Sedum roseum var. tachiroei Franch. & Sav.; Sedum sachalinense (Boriss.) Vorosh.; Sedum suboppositum var. telephioides Maxim.; Tolmachevia krivochizhinii (Sipl.) A. & D. Löve);
Subarctic & Subalpine Northern Hemisphere: Alaska, Albania, Altay, Amur, Austria, Bulgaria, Buryatiya, China North-Central, Chita, Czechoslovakia, East European Russia, Finland, France, Føroyar, Germany, Great Britain, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Irkutsk, Italy, Japan, Kamchatka, Kazakhstan, Khabarovsk, Korea, Krasnoyarsk, Kuril Is., Labrador, Magadan, Maine, Manchuria, Mongolia, New Brunswick, New York, Newfoundland, North Carolina, North European Russi, Norway, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Poland, Primorye, Québec, Romania, Sakhalin, Spain, Svalbard, Sweden, Switzerland, Tuva, Ukraine, Vermont, West Siberia, Xinjiang, Yakutskiya, Yugoslavia as per POWO;


Another Rhodiola ABAUG2017/37 : 16 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (8)

This Rhodiola (I am assuming) too was growing next to the other possibly R. wallichiana in my other post (here you will see them together in some photos). I am not sure which one this is, The leaves look somewhat like those of R. heterodonta but only so. I am not sure which species this is. Please help.
Rhodiola sp.
Above Lahaish Cave enroute Indrahar Pass, Dharamshala, HP
3600m and above
28-29 July 2017


A couple of close up to help with the ID.

Superb images. I hope you have checked comparative images at genus page in efi site.

Thank you … I did check our site before filing and couldn’t come to a conclusion.

Thanks, … I also checked up. It is new to efi although appears close tohttps://sites.google.com/site/efloraofindia/species/a—l/cl/crassulaceae/sedum/sedum-oreades

Thank you … I think there is some mistake because my sample is very different from S. oreades, which has smaller and more needle-like leaves and single flowers at the end of stalks (like in the link). I filed that plant a while ago too from the same trek (Crassulaceae for ID ABJUL2017/13).
My plant is closer to R. heterodonta for its broad oval leaves, but I am not sure if that is what it is.

What are the species found in Himachal ?
This may help in nailing the id.

I do not have a list of the local or HP flora which I can rely on. I will write to … and see if they can help with this.
I am off tomorrow to check on some plants at Ilaqa and hopefully will come back with better understanding of those. I will write once I am back.

May I request you to pl. provide the list of Rhodiola species found in Himachal ?

I’ll provided this list either today night or tomorrow.

Do you have close ups of flowers with you ?

Thank you … I see that … has kindly forwarded you the close ups. Thank you … I hope these close ups, which are not as good as I would have liked but had no choice in the foul weather during the trek, are helpful in getting closer to an ID.

Rhodiola rosea L. ??  Syn :  Sedum rosea (L.) Scop.

May I request you to pl. provide the species listed from Himachal ? Though somewhat close to Rhodiola rosea as per GBIF, it has no distribution in India as per POWO and CoL.

Rhodiola rosea

These pictures contain four different species in flowering stage:

Picture 5 & 7: Cremanthodium ellisii in the centre of the photographs.
Picture 8: Corydalis govaniana
Picture 1-3: Rhodiola herterodonta (I think for the one with pale flowers)
Picture 4-6: Rhodiola tibetica ?
Picture 8: Rhodiola wallichiana? (one with linear leaves)
While going through the literature, lots of conflicting statements are there for the same genus by different authors.

Of course there are many plant species in the images but concentration is given on one sp. I do not agree with your opinion on images 1,3 and 4,6.

These are nearest matching IDs based on different Floras of H.P.

But I feel your suggestions for 1,3 and 4,6 does not match !

Kindly find the required list of Rhodiola species listed in Himachal Flora.

after discussion with … yesterday about plant height, there is correction in my opinion about first three photographs. It should be Rhodiola imbricata.

I could find 2 links in the net for Rhodiola imbricata Edgew. !  FRLHTgettyimages  GBIF and keys from FoH by Stainton.

Complete list of Crassulaceae members from H.P.
1 pdf file

Some more from Himalayas!
6 screenshots

Is key to identification given in this book ?

There is no keys in the book but only listing!

Thanks, … Looks different from Rhodiola imbricata Edgew. as per images and details herein and as per GBIF specimens– specimen 1.
I think it is Rhodiola crenulata as per GBIF specimens– specimen 1.

I guess R. crenulata has got red color flowers!

I think finally, it is Rhodiola rosea L. (syn: Sedum rhodiola DC.) as listed in Flora of British India and BSI link

Then, it will be a new record for the Flora. I’ll try to visit that area with …


Fwd: Crassulaceae in H.P. : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1) – 1 MB pdf.

You had asked for the list of Rhodiola sp. in H.P. I am attaching complete list of plants recorded from H.P. and published in Flora of Himachal Pradesh by Botanical Survey of India.
As Rhodiola genus was part of Sedum earlier, the various species are listed under Sedum.
I’ll try to reorganise the species later on.

You may try with these species for the id of your posted plant although no keys are provided.

… remarks “In eFI database, Rhodiloa rosea has been reported from the Western Himalaya. I doubt whether it is found in the Indian Himalayan region. Kindly verify”

I have suggested this id after long discussions on many other species and as per ‘Rhodiola rosea L. (syn: Sedum rhodiola DC.) as listed in Flora of British India and BSI link
Pl. suggest.