Lepidagathis keralensis Madhus. & N.P.Singh, Kew Bull. 47: 301 1992. (syn: Lepidagathis lutea Dalz.);



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Prostrate hardy herb (Lepidagathis sp ?) from Payangadi, Kannur Kerala, frequently available in the moist open places near forest, now not in flowering. still some experts can identify it.

It is Lepidagathis keralensis Madhus. & N.P.Singh

Lepidagathis keralensis, common at that place


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 IPNI  POWO India Biodiversity Portal  Kerala plants  Wikimedia Commons  ifoundbutterflies  A New Species of Lepidagathis (Acanthaceae) from South India P. V. Madhusoodanan and N. P. Singh Kew Bulletin Vol. 47, No. 2 (1992), pp. 301-303