Ficus fistulosa Reinw. ex Blume, Bijdr. 470 1825. (syn: Covellia subopposita Miq.; Covellia tuberculata Miq.; Ficus condensa King; Ficus curranii Merr.; Ficus fistulosa var. angustifolia Miq.; Ficus fistulosa var. cincta Hochr.; Ficus fistulosa var. lucbanensis (Elmer) Corner; Ficus fistulosa var. obliqua Miq.; Ficus grandidens Merr.; Ficus harlandii Benth.; Ficus lucbanensis Elmer; Ficus millingtonifolia Griff.; Ficus polysyce Ridl.; Ficus repandifolia Elmer; Ficus rubrovenia Merr.; Ficus tuberculata (Miq.) Miq.);
India (Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bengal, Jharkand, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura), Bangladesh, Indochina, Malesia, Myanmar, S. China, Thailand as per Synopsis of the Genus Ficus L. (Moraceae) in India Lal Babu Chaudhary*, Jana Venkata Sudhakar, Anoop Kumar, Omesh Bajpai, Rinkey Tiwari and G. V. S. Murthy- Taiwania, 57(2): 193-216, 2012;
China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan), Bangladesh, NE-India, Myanmar [Burma] (Bago, Mon, Taninthayi), Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Java, peninsular Malaysia (common throughout), Singapore, Sikkim, Andamans (South Andamans), Nicobars (Car Nicobar Isl.), Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda Isl. (Bali, Lombok, Sumba, Sumbawa, Flores, Alor), New Guinea as per Catalogue of Life;


MS March, 2018/11 Ficus sp. for ID : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Location : Dampui, Mizoram

Date : 03-03-2016
Habit : Small to midde-sized tree
Habitat : Grows wild in tree forest

Thanks, … Pl. also check with comparative images in efi site at Ficus

This should be Ficus fistulosa Reinw. ex Blume


SK1578 18 Nov 2018 : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)- around 700 kb each.

Location: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong 
Date: 2 November 2018
Elevation: 1300 ft.
Habit : Wild
Which Ficus ??

Please check for Ficus fistulosa Reinwardt ex Blume

Yes this is Ficus fistulosa.

ID No. 09062011 RD_Ficus 02: Help to identify this Ficus sp.

Date/Time- 31/08/2010- 11 AM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Assam,
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Wild Type
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Small Tree
Height/Length- Leaf 12-17-7-10 cm ,serrated
Flower- Fig on the main stem near base (2.5-4cm across)

Is it some sort of wild variety of F. carica ………………??????

Please use the following link for a good key for the genus Ficus in Flora of China, that can be used for Assam as well. We usually need specimen in hand for most of the characters for running the key for Ficus.

I guess one must check with all the species posted by member before putting for resurfing..
why not F. nervosa???

In Ficus nervosa the leaves are not serrated (they are entire) and in F. nervosa the figs are developed in pairs in the leaf axis. Further the peduncle may not be this long in F. nervosa. Sometimes the figs produced as sessile as well.

surely now will check with possibility of the species, i thought its closer to F. nervosa..
thanks for details.. have to look for North Indian Flora…

Very close to Ficus obscura Blume, because leaves are dentate-serrate and receptacles are pedunculate and in clusters, but in this species leaf base is often inequilateral which is not clear from image, otherwise there may be possibilities for Ficus erecta Thunb.

For correct identification of Ficus species it requires a specimen, small branch and figs in addition to photos. One has to examine the external and internal characters of the figs. So please send the specimens for correct identification. Photos alone will not serve the purpose.

Ficus fistulosa Reinwardt ex Blume ??

Leaf margins serrate, entire in Ficus fistulosa.

Very close to Ficus obscura Blume, because leaves are dentate-serrate and receptacles are pedunculate and in clusters, but in this species leaf base is often inequilateral which is not clear from image, otherwise there may be possibilities for Ficus erecta Thunb.

To me looks different from Ficus obscura as per
To me also looks different from Ficus erecta as per
To me appears close as per images and details at Ficus fistulosa and as per (The species is very variable in size and shape of the lamina….  In the Philippines, the leaf margin can be lobate)  (I can see leaf margins as slightly serrate & not entire)

This is Ficus fistulosa Reinw. ex Blume,,
Since every flora and literature says about entire leaf margins. But in young stages leaves represent some serrations with time of maturation leaf margins become entire.


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