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attached a photograph of the wild Malvaceae plant. Found in forest floor in central India.
It’s a shrub about 1 M tall. Flowers are yellow, with the dark red centre and 10 cm across, leaves are like arrowhead 10 -15 cm across. Fruits are like Bhindi 4-5 cm across.

Please help if somebody is familiar with the plant.

The leaves with plant are the key characters.

But unfortunately I am unable to find similar description for the same  in BSI’s Flora of Maharashtra.

I hope some senior field botanist and scientist could help in proper Identification.

Pl. check with the comparative images at /species/m—z/m/malvaceae/hibiscus

I think side view of the flower showing calyx and epicalyx is required for final I’d.

I have checked all and none is matching 😔

Abelmoschus ficulneus

Does not match with images at Abelmoschus ficulneus

It’s a wild guess, …, there is lack of information,

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