I do not remember exact place of recording for this plant..
neither the pics are good, still I wanted to have clues about generic id for this herb..

seems like some lamiaceae member

It is ornamental Beefsteak plant or Perilla mint botanically known as Perilla frutescens. Some cultivars may be present. It is often confused with Coleus. Now a days, Horticulturists have crossed Coleus and Perilla to develop some cultivars which can not differentiated from coleus. 
There is one more plant Perilla frutescens var. frutescens (Bhaangjeeri) frequently cultivated in high altitude areas of H.P. and U.K. and whose seeds are eaten with other grains during winters

Thanks …
I have seen the wild Perilla frutescens..!!
But could not relate to it, due to poor pics.. 

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