Machilus odoratissima ?;

small tree in binsar wildlife sanctuary near almora, uttarakhand.
8000 ft altitude
it has white flowers, which were not in bloom as yet.
an identification would be very appreciated

I forgot to add that it is caled tirnia locally

Persea (Machilus) odoratissima probably

Well, I think its a rhododendron
PS: i may be wrong but I always thought Persea odoratissima was a tropical … not a temperate zone high altitude plant? correct me if I am wrong please

Persea odorattissima is found in the Himalayas from the foothills upto the temperate zone. In the lower altitudes, it is found in cooler microclimates like north facing slopes, narrow valleys, close to perennial streams, etc. In higher altitudes, it is found in other habitats too, except south facing dry slopes.

good to know and add to the recesses of the brain …

Does not matches with images at Persea odoratissima (Nees) Kosterm.
May be some Actinodaphne species as per images herein.

The image in eflora of Persea odoratissima is in its flowering stage whereas the present image is only the vegetative bud stage. This bud grows into a vegetative shoot. During flowering, these buds though grows as a vegetative shoots, the leaves get reduced in size and all you see is the showy axillary panicles as found in the eflora image. This is typical of all Perseas. There is lot of variation in size, shape and texture of leaves of Persea odoratissima from location to location and season to season.

Actinodaphne has longer flexuous leaves and is not found in Binsar. The Forest Flora of Kumaon by Osmaston also does not record Actinodaphne in Kumaon.