SHRUB ID—–20th December 2011—–S.S.—-065—-Richenpong. SIKKIM: Please can someone id this shrub/tree with interesting red , brown young leaves.

Taken on 3rd April 2011@ 10.00 in the morning.
Near Mandarin village. RINCHENPONG. SIKKIM.

Looks like Mesua ferrea to me.

I do not know this plant like thousands other. Never heard of Mesua also. Please take a relook.
This tree or shrub seems to have alternate leaves, in Mesua leaves are opposite (according to FoC).
Moreover, pic no. “065 03-04-2011 10-06-53.JPG” shows dentate margin.
This cannot be Agapetes for leaves have to be sprially arranged in Agapetes.
Leaves = short petiole + alternate + serrate + lanceolate + acuminate in Sikkim or Himalaya gives so many plants!

This is possibly a Lauraceae member, like – http://aromatherapyliving.com/ocotea_essential_oil.html