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Location :  Tatopani, Pokhara, Nepal
Date : 12 April  2017
Elevation : 5000 ft.
Bambusa … ???

Bambusa species so far in efi. 

Thamnocalamus falconeriDev RingaalThe yellow culms (stems) and the white ring at the centre of the more or less flat node are the identifying features. The basionym is Arundinaria falconeri. The genus name has been differently used by various authors eg. Sinarundinaria falconeri, Thamnocalamus falconeri, etc. They are the best for basket weaving as the culms do not break at the nodes while splitting.

The other major ringaal found is Arundinaria falcata also known as Drypanostachyum falcatum or Sinarundinaria falcata, which can been differentiated from Thamnocalamus falconeri in its vegetative state by its greenish culms and swollen nodes with the white ring just below the swollen node. On splitting for basket weaving, the culms may break at the nodes.
Both the above ringaals (montane bamboos) are sympodial (the culms are clumped together in a clump)
The other ringaal found in Himalayas is Thamnocalamus spathiflorus, found in higher altitudes above 2700m to the tree line. It has thicker culms and the clump is very loose with culms spaced at a distance. Very good for basket making and as fishing rods due to its length upto even 5m.
There is a monopodial (culms not in a clump, rather individual culms spreading out on a large area) montane bamboo in Himalayas known as Yushania anceps (also known as Sinarundinaria anceps, Arundinaria jaunsarensis, etc.) The culms are not strong are easily breaks and not suitable for basket weaving. The culms are used in pairs for harvest of wheat and barley. The leaf sheath also has auricles.
The gregarious flowering cycle of most of the above is around 20 years. But gregarious flowering of Yushania anceps has not yet been reported.

Thank you …, The plant list says the accepted name is Himalayacalamus falconeri (Hook.f. ex Munro) Keng f. .
Nepali Names: सिङ्घाने Singhaane  / थुडि निगालो  Thudi Nigaalo