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There was not much left after an active grazing season above Ilaqa at 3300m. I tried to look between rocks and other places where the animals would have had difficulty grazing. I was rewarded with one species which I could not identify correctly. This is an aster I think but beyond this I cannot place it. Please help identify it.
Above Ilaqa, Dharamshala, HP
3300m approx.
01 October 2017

I think some other genera. 

Thank you … It’s very possible. Do you have any suggestions?

Very different. I’ll check from available literature, whenever time permits.

Aster peduncularis Wall. ex Nees ??

Though close, but looks different from Aster peduncularis Wall. ex Nees  as per GBIF – specimen and bethchatto

Aster himalaicus C.B.Clarke ??

Looks different from Aster himalaicus C.B.Clarke as per GBIFFoC illustration

Cordiofontis laka (C. B. Clarke) G. L. Nesom 
Syn : Aster laka C.B.Clarke

I have doubts as per GBIF– specimens- onetwothree and four

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